Our mission extends far beyond the traditional holiday experience.

Born from a vision shared by our founders and the impactful work of the Athletic Minds Foundation, SOHA stands as a beacon of transformative wellness and unparalleled retreat experiences.

Our Foundation

A Pillar of Support.

Our association with the Athletic Minds Foundation is the core of our ethos, having already positively impacted nearly 100,000 lives. By integrating this legacy of wellness into each retreat and supporting the foundation through fundraising and donations, choosing SOHA contributes to a broader cause, extending the transformative effect of our retreats beyond the personal level.

Redefining the Essence of Holidays.

At SOHA, we redefine holidays by blending transformative wellness experiences with the excitement of exploration. Our Ultimate Wellness Retreat combines holistic wellbeing with engaging trips, offering a unique journey of discovery.

A Legacy of Wellbeing Expertise.

Our distinct stance in travel is fueled by our wellness roots through the Athletic Minds Foundation, enriching our expertise to provide deeply impactful, life-changing experiences. Our ethos focuses on creating enduring moments that significantly enhance your wellbeing and performance.

Hear From Our Guests.

We invite you to explore the testimonials from our guests, who have witnessed firsthand the profound effect SOHA retreats can have on one’s life. These stories highlight the transformative journey you can embark on with us, echoing our commitment to enhancing wellness and enriching lives.

Discover a sanctuary where wellness is woven into the very fabric of our DNA, and embark on a journey that promises more than just relaxation but a profound, life-altering experience.