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The SOHA Experience.​

At SOHA, we are dedicated to crafting exceptional retreats that blend self-discovery, optimal wellness and a harmonious connection with nature. Our experiences are further elevated with the engagement of A-list stars, infusing an element of celebrity exclusivity.

Our unique journey began with Athletic Minds Foundation, a national charity that has positively impacted the lives of nearly 100,000 individuals to date. With our legacy of supporting people on their transformative journeys, our commitment to wellness runs deep. 

At SOHA, we take pride in meticulously designing premium and exclusive retreats that go beyond the conventional, reflecting our unwavering commitment to support individuals in reaching their fullest potential.

Why Choose SOHA?

Seven Compelling Reasons

Customised Journeys

We move beyond the generic ‘bootcamp’ approach, offering personalised experiences that are tailored to your unique needs, ensuring a retreat that resonates with you on a personal level.

Exceptional Value

We’re committed to delivering life-changing experiences without the commercial price tag, offering significant all-inclusive discounts and a comprehensive package that combines various enriching elements.

Celebrity Guests

Our retreats are graced by globally renowned sports figures and celebrities, selected for their positive influence and contribution to a memorable retreat experience.

Charitable Foundation Roots

Originating from the Athletic Minds Foundation, we leverage our charitable background for your benefit, providing a robust support network and a team of highly qualified professionals dedicated to enhancing your life.

Founder's Personal Touch

Manuel Benages, our founder, is intimately involved in designing each retreat, ensuring that SOHA’s offerings are imbued with his unique vision and passion.

Premier Destinations

Our retreats are hosted in carefully selected luxury resorts, equipped with top-tier wellness and sporting facilities, ensuring an exceptional experience.

Making a Difference

By joining a SOHA retreat, you’re also contributing to the Athletic Minds Foundation, making a positive impact on the lives of others while focusing on your own wellbeing.

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